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Know About Animation Throwdown Cheats Hack Tool

Animation throwdown is a new game developed by Kongregate and available for download on App Store and Play Store. This amazing game consists of different characters from various animated TV and movie shows like Futurama, Family Guy etc. and let you fight other characters as well. In order to progress in this game, you need to find rare cards or buying through coins. However the coins are limited and can be obtained only by clearing levels so you need to have access to animation throwdown cheats and tricks by which you can clear any level or get multiple rare or legendary cards easily. Now you don’t have to spend money in buying animation throwdown coins.   

What Does The Animation Throwdown Cheats Can Do?

Animation throwdown tips are quite simple and can help you stay ahead in the game. All you need to do is worry about your next move and follow the tips carefully in order to play the game in best possible manner. Below are some of the simple animation throwdown guide and tips that you need to follow.

  • Buy packs from money: if you gain some money from completing a quest then you must try to buy card packs from the menu. It is important to save around 5000 coins before choosing an option to buy. The card packs gives you chance to buy a rare card which is otherwise very unique possibility. You can also use animation throwdown mod apk to get access to unlimited coins and resources that you are looking for.
  • Upgrade your cards smartly: When you have a card then you must not be in hurry to upgrade is immediately. You must start by upgrading the rare cards which you have. It could be your favorite card that you want to upgrade. Hold onto the power of unlocking more cards before you start upgrading your cards. So you need to patient before playing with your card upgrades.
  • Always search for combos: there are various possible combinations available in the game and you need to look for the search for all them. You must look for the couple of combos anytime and you must ensure that you do it for all time. You can look for the combinations of rare cards because results are much better and you have the time to focus on the card combo. It is important to remember that you plan for the best combinations and spend time to check for all of the combos available before playing them in the game. Most of the combos give you special effect like counterattack and armor etc. Playing with the right card can win you the game. Playing a combo is extremely important and you must know how you are playing with the card.
  • Replay the battles in the adventure mode: Each chapter in the game is having different stages. You can play any stage three times before you get the max stars. Each time anyone wins a stage then one has the chance to unlock additional cards and you will be rewarded. One of the key things about the adventure mode is that you must play the stages again and again in order to get more chances of getting rare or legendary cards. You can increase your chance of winning more rewards by tapping on the of the TV icon or watching adds and you will get higher chance of looting.
  • How to build the perfect deck: Building a perfect deck is same way as that other same type of games and can be a lot of fun in animation throwdown. There are number of cards and combos that you need to research in order to get the best possible combination. Few factors can impact the choice of perfect deck like try to keep best cards and use them in the right time, upgrade the rare cards only so as to save the best possible cards and improve stats, try to bring as many cards and combos as possible that help you win matches, find the perfect balance between bringing the cards with high attack and cards with higher health can help you achieve the best balance. If you are having problem in defeating any particular or specific deck then you can try different combinations or study the pattern.

How to win all your games: Winning a game is not easy if you don’t have the right strategy and luck matters a lot sometimes. However, you need to put your best possible cards to win the game and use animation throwdown cheats that helps you achieve the rare cards and right combination for every fight. High health and damage is the most important thing for any game and vital if you are having as many cards as the opponent is having. In the second round you must play a new card not a combo and finally in the third round, you must play a combo on the first card to keep alive and improve your stats. Pay special attention to the combos that you are playing and stay ahead in the plan by following up the next card carefully. Place counterattack and armor card carefully is always a good idea.

How To Use The Animation Throwdown Cheats Hack Tool?

Step 1: Click on “HACK” button below.

Step 2: Enter your username and the amount of resources.

Step 3: Complete the human verification.

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Step 4: Restart your game and enjoy the free Gems, Coins

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