Brawl Stars Hack – FREE And Unlimited Gems Tips

This article is divided into two parts. In the first part you will discover our trick of cheating to receive gems in unlimited and free. In the second part we will talk more about this Supercell mobile game.


Our cheat is a 100% online generator and 100% free. This generator takes advantage of a server flaw to inject gems on any Brawl Stars account. Before accessing the cheat, please watch the video sample below to understand the steps to be taken to pay nothing at all. Then click on the button below the video to access the generator.

But what exactly is a generator? How it works ? Our generator is an exclusive tool that we developed thanks to a server fault that we discovered. By going through this flaw, the generator is able to simulate purchases of gems on any account. The game thinks that a purchase has really been made, it sends you the gems, when in reality you will not have spent a single penny! It’s not more complicated than that. 
To operate our generator, it’s extremely simple . Just choose the amount of gems you want to receive, enter your in-game nickname and start the procedure as explained in the example video.Follow the instructions carefully to be 100% sure to pay nothing at all . 
In just a few minutes you will have your gems on your account, available to buy chests. 
Important Note: We will NEVER ask you for a password or anything of the sort, our generator runs through a server flaw and it only needs to know your nickname, and nothing else.

And why provide this tip Brawl Stars for free? Because we are tired of Pay To Win games. We are tired of games where those who have money are more likely to win. We consider that a game must be based on the skill and not on the ability to take out the blue card from the wallet … The games should be like League of Legends. Pay for skins for example, which does not influence the game and therefore only the skill counts. 
In Brawl Stars , a player who will play with legendary fighters will have a better chance of winning since they are much more powerful than others … While a player who has no money to afford chests, will have very unlikely to get legendary with free coffers.
That’s why we decided to offer our free Brawl Stars cheat. We want to allow everyone to play at an equal level and not be frustrated by the lack of money. We want to restore the order of the game and make sure that people fight as equals, and where only the skill counts.

Is it risky for my Brawl Stars account to use this cheat? Absolutely not ! For the simple reason that our cheat works in a totally undetectable way. Indeed, we are the only ones to take advantage of a server flaw to inject gems on any account. This operation is totally exclusive to us and is the safest way to proceed. 
Other cheat tools will require you to jailbreak / root your smartphone or tablet, in order to edit source files in the hope of getting your gems. What we find risky for both your mobile and your gaming account.
That’s why we really hope that you will appreciate the effort we have made in providing this high quality cheat system. Feel free to leave a comment, it always makes us happy and pushes us to continue to help players.


Gems, premium resource of the game Brawl Stars (like diamonds and crystals in other games), allow to buy premium elements of the game such as:

  • Buy chests of fighters. This is the best way to get the best brawlers in the game, including the epic and legendary for example. If you wish to optimize your chances of victory. No choice, it will open safes!
  • Trade your gems for coins. The pieces allow you to open chests containing fighters or elixirs (the elixirs are used to evolve your fighters to make them more powerful).
  • Buy skins to make your fighters even more stylish!

You’ll understand, gems are super important in this mobile game and can really quickly take the lead on other players. That’s why we really consider that Brawl Stars is a pay to win. While the skill is important, but a good player with a normal fighter will have a better chance of losing a player less good but with a legendary hero upgraded thoroughly.

So have fun, take advantage of our generator to fill up with gems, buy a max of chest and go destroy your opponents.


You know for sure Brawl Stars, the giant of mobile games that comes out as games that make a box. A long time ago we made an article about Clash Royale that you can read here: Fortnite Hack .

Brawl Stars changes what Supercell usually does, first of all because we stand out from the classic characters of CoC and CR games. Finish the Pekka and other pig Riding, here you fight with exclusive characters such as Crow, Poco, Spike and many others available!

General Info about the game: Brawl Stars is a totally real-time Supercell game, with several game modes, in which you will fight against opponents. The goal is to kill them and win the bountys or recover the crystals according to the game mode you have chosen (we will return later on the game modes). 
As in the game Clash Royale, you can play several heroes. The majority are common, but you can also find rare, epic and even legendary ones. Of course, the more they are coveted and the stronger they are. 
You can join groups equivalent to the clans to play as a team. 
Finally, the game has several currencies, each with their usefulness.

  • Coins : The currency received most regularly. It allows to buy basic chests containing either fighters or elixirs.
  • Gems : Allows you to buy premium chests with more chance to loot the best fighters in the game.
  • Elixirs : Allows you to evolve your fighters. To be at its maximum, you will need to collect 45 elixirs per fighter.
  • Tokens : When you loot a fighter you already have in a chest. It will turn into a token. These tokens can be spent in the shop to get other fighters.


The game offers different style of play allowing to provide several different gameplay. You will necessarily have a favorite style that you prefer to others. Here are the different modes present in the game currently:

  • Bounty : This is a game mode where you fight in 3 against 3. Everyone starts on one side of the card in the blue or red team. The goal: Kill opponents to win bountys. The more opponents you kill, the more your bountys account increases. But beware, if a player kills you, he will recover your bountys. In the end, it’s an improved deathmatch team.
  • Smash & Grab : Also in 3-on-3 mode the goal is to recover 10 crystals that appear in the middle of the map. When you retrieve them, you wear them on you. If an opponent kills you, your crystals fall to the ground. Your opponents or your teammates can pick them up. The first team to reach 10 crystals, triggers a countdown of 15 seconds. The opposing team will have to try everything to get the crystals!
  • Heist : A mode based on defense. On one side a team has to defend his chest, while the other team 2min30 to try to get into the base and open the chest.
  • Showdown : The only mode that is not in 3 against 3. In this mode you are 10 players on the map and it will be necessary to survive and be the last survivor to win the game. and to be sure that no one is going to hide in the bushes, the map narrows little by little, forcing the players to get closer to each other to kill themselves!

Hope you enjoy the game and our cheat trick. Have fun !

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