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Dead or Alive 6 PC is produced by Koei Tecmo Games . It features fast-paced 3D fighting entertainment with multi-tiered stages. The stages in Dead or Alive 6 PC are now both dynamic and critical parts of the competitive experience.The Dead or Alive franchise is a AAA fighting game series from Team NINJA. Composed of fast-paced 3D fighting games that began with the original Dead or Alive in 1996 . The Dead or Alive 6 PC is be the sixth entry in the series. This game features fighting entertainment with multi-tiered stages that are now both dynamic and critical parts of the competitive experience.

Dead or Alive 6 PC – Watch Trailer 

Have a look at the Official Trailer Of Dead or Alive 6  for PC :

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Dead or alive 6 PC Requirements (Minimum)
  • CPUIntel Core i5-4690 or over.
  • OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
  • SOUND CARDDirectX 11 or over.

Steps to download Dead or Alive 6 PC .EXE :-
2.Search Dead or Alive 6 PC and download
3.Play Dead or Alive 6  on your Windows PC

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Dead or Alive 6 PC – Product Details 

Dead or Alive 6 
Developer(s)Team Ninja
Publisher(s)Koei Tecmo
Director(s)Yohei Shimbori
Producer(s)Yohei Shimbori
Designer(s)Taku Sugawara
Artist(s)Yutaka Saito
SeriesDead or Alive
Platform(s)Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4Xbox One
Package Distributed

Dead or Alive 6 PC – Story 

The story follows that of Dead or Alive 5, shedding light on 2 main narratives; namely, the battle between “Ninja and DOATEC” versus “M.I.S.T. lead by Donovan”, and the tournament “ Dead or Alive 6 ”. New episodes are also added for returning characters.

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Dead or Alive 6 for PC – Gameplay Details 

While Dead or Alive 6 looks to continue the series’ fondness for over-the-top ninja action, there are some notable changes to the gameplay. We’ve gathered together the new features in the following list: 

  • Break Blow and Break Hold are new special attacks that players can trigger when the Break Gauge is full. 
  • Increased level of interaction with secondary characters in each stage 
  • 4K-enhanced graphics 
  • Characters react realistically to attacks, and sweat and grimace as the fight goes on 
  • New dynamic lighting in every stage 
  • Online and Local Multiplayer 
  • New in-depth Training Mode 
  • includes brand new characters
download Dead or Alive 6 pc
Dead or Alive 6 Download PC

Dead or Alive 6 PC – Danger Zones 

These are special regions found in most stages that cause heavy damage when a fighter gets knocked into them. Danger Zones can range from basic walls to blockbuster explosions and careening cars. Some stages also have Danger Zones within the floors as well.


If a fighter is blown into the crowd, the spectators around the edge of the ring can push the fighter back in and will lose their balance and stagger. This creates an opening for the perfect chance to attack.

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Stage objects such as boxes or jars are destructible. Earn extra damage by blowing opponents into them. Broken items do not regenerate, but you may want to break them before your opponent decides to use them on you.

Dead or Alive 6 PC – Characters 

  • ZACK
  • RIG

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