Download fortnite For PC Steps

How to download fortnite on pc

To download fortnite on your PC, you need to previously download the installer for pc

Download Battle Royale for Windows

Once the game file has been downloaded, we proceed to execute it to start the installation.

Then we start the wizard to install the game.


This will take some time depending on the computer you have, even during the installation it may be updated which will make the wait a little longer. In general, launcher installation does not usually last more than 5 minutes.


Once the EPIC Games Launcher is installed, we proceed to download the complete Fortnite game that includes the Battle Royale.


Once we have arrived here we proceed to install the game completely, here you can leave it for a while as they will have to download 7 GB approx. Above all this step will depend a lot on your internet connection.


Once this step is completed, we just have to start the game and begin to venture into the world of Battle Royale.

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