Fortnite Christmas – 14 Days Rewards Leaked

Fortnite Christmas – 14 Days Rewards Leaked Challenges

The 14 Days of Christmas event in Fortnite started today, with Epic announcing a new challenge and a specific LTM to be released over the nextfourteen days. These challenges will have to be completed by the end of the 14 days and will give the following cosmetics rewards: 

Credit: @ItsSilox

While they seem generally self-explanatory, it should be warned that challenge leaks typically end up being quite inaccurate. They might change at the last moment. We’ll update the following image with confirmed challenges as they become available:

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Here’s information on the upcoming LTMs, which have also been leaked:

Day 1

  • Teams of 33
  • Classic (changed to Unvaulted mid-day)

Day 2

  • Teams of 33
  • Siphon (Solo): All healing items have been removed in this mode. The only way to gain health or shields is to eliminate your opponents!

Day 3

  • Team Terror (50v50)
  • Icey (Solo)

Day 4

  • Team Terror (50v50): Monsters have invaded the Battle Royale island! Two teams will battle it out as Cube Monsters join the fight. Defeat the other team to earn a Victory Royale.
  • Barebones (Squads): This mode has the map, compass, storm timer and many other elements of the Heads Up Display turned off. Determining who is friendly and who isn’t during firefights and staying away from the storm will be key to picking up a Victory Royale!

Day 5

  • Disco Domination (Teams of 32)
  • Sniper Shootout (Duos)

Day 6

  • Disco Domination (Teams of 32)
  • Close Encounters (Squad)

Day 7

  • Team Rumble (Teams of 24)
  • Solid Gold (Squads)

Day 8

  • Team Rumble  (Teams of 24)
  • Score Royale (Duos): A brand new take on earning a Victory Royale, this mode rewards players who like to explore and search for loot. Earn points by collecting coins, opening loot containers, using foraged items and eliminating other players. The first to get to the Winning Score wins!

Day 9

  • Food Fight (Teams of 16)
  • Ground Game (Squads): In Ground Game, the focus is on fighting smart – Spray & Pray and Build Spamming isn’t an option here. Fewer building materials can be carried and max ammo count is limited, so use the natural cover that the map provides and make every shot count!

Day 10

  • Food Fight (Teams of 16)
  • Sneaky Silencers (Solo): Shhhhh be very very quiet!

Day 11

  • Close Encounters (50v50)
  • Steady Storm (Solo)

Day 12

  • Close Encounters (50v50)
  • High Explosives 50s (50v50)

Day 13

  • High Explosives 50s (50v50)
  • High Explosives (Squads)

Day 14

  • High Explosives 50s (50v50)
  • One Shot (Squads): Low Gravity. Every player has 50 health. Sniper weapons are the only weapon, Bandages are the only healing item. Jump high and aim well!

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