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As you have gotten the summoning book and that has turned into your destiny. Everything will change and the fight you are living will be changed to some more noteworthy reason. You are worrying about the concern of keeping the genie fixed and shield the humankind from an extraordinary tumult. Get enough assets for this mission from the Granvilier cheats for nothing.

Granvilier was made and distributed by “commseed Corporation” and it is accessible to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS stages.


Make another record in the event that you don’t have an as of now made record. What’s more, since we have said the record creation process, at that point we need to say that the diversion is an online one and you need to get your web association with benefit. Also, now we will head directly into the storyline of the diversion at our Granvilier manage.

This is… much old story. It visualized the universe of decimation and “Genie” confronted the risk “saint” who. They had been occupied with a savage fight. The energy of Genie is a might, don’t materialize is to vanquish the fiend regardless of saints to challenge for a battle with all your Shiryoku.

So the saint has chosen to settle on his own choice and seal the Genie in the void until the end of time. What’s more, if this technique is being taken after effectively, at that point the danger of the genie will be pulverized yet no need needed to go for broke as the cost was never going to be little.

An awesome battle went between the saint and the genie and it was a fierce fight. Be that as it may, at last, the saint has won the fight and genie was fixed in the void. What’s more, now you will secure the chasm with the Granvilier hack. Also, this fight They have called it the Genie War!

Summon Heroes to Help You Throughout the Game.

What’s more, that is the immense mystery you will hear out of the blue, the legends are accessible to be summoned anytime into our reality. What’s more, really, numerous rulers whom taken the charge of the kingdom really utilized the assistance from the saints.

What’s more, you should do likewise and begin figuring out how to summon saints. Be that as it may, the power is immense and you need to set your objectives straight before doing a wonder such as this. It is safe to say that you are endeavoring to spare the world or overcome it?



Brisk Note.

The adversaries are attempting to resummons the genie and discharge him from the chasm fixing. So you should do your best to stop them and get the assistance you need from saints out in this excursion, you may likewise utilize Granvilier tricks to get everything directly into its normal area.

Your First Battle with Details.

The primary clash of the amusement will have continued consequently, and you can see your 6 legends are battling naturally and wiping out their adversaries. Take after our Granvilier tips to avoid the most widely recognized errors that each learner tends to tumble to.

Every legend will have his own symbol at the base of the screen, and there will be a pointer to his energy in stars and the wellbeing focuses are appeared in a green bar. You have to dependably keep an eye over this bar because of its significance.

Every symbol by tapping on it will bring about enacting a specific unique expertise. The extraordinary aptitudes are what making the saints remarkable and not the same as each other’s. It is your main goal to take in these distinctions to know how to use them consummately on the war zone.

Comprehend Your Skills Carefully.

The main ability we have seen so far is called Arrow Rain: It gives the assault and harm of an aggregate of five times against the foe in the roundabout of the impact run. Next ordinary assault that was utilizing the ability will dependably be basic.

The basic assaults imply that the harm will be multiplied in a split second. Also, with the correct riggings from Granvilier hack, we are anticipating that you should end up plainly relentless quickly.

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