Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Cheats Energy and GPS

You can fake your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite location to get around faster in the new Harry Potter AR game and to get more Foundables. You will need to fake your iPhone location or Android location to do this, and it’s not an easy task.

If you are caught faking your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite location on either of these systems, the developer may ban you from playing and you may lose progress.

Harry Potter: Wizards Guide

We have a full guide to what you need to know about faking your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite location, including what you need to know about using a jailbroken or rooted phone to try and play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as well as a warning about some of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite cheats and hacks we are already seeing.

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app uses GPS to figure out your location and then show you characters, creatures and memories that you can complete or compete against to collect rewards. Some of these Foundables are more likely to appear near specific real-world locations like zoos, banks and other special areas. If you can’t easily get to one of these locations, you may want to try and fake your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite location.

Harry Potter: Wizards Location Gps

What you need to know about faking your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite location.

While you can jailbreak your iPhone on iOS 12 and older versions if the Wizards Unite app detects that you are jailbroken it will not let you play. The same goes for rooted Android phones. We’ll share the details you need to know about potentially getting around jailbreak detection as well as how to fake your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite GPS location without root.

This is going to be a constant battle between the makers of Wizards Unite and users in the jailbreak or fake GPS community, so this may work and it may not work depending on who is ahead. You also need to know that you can be banned if caught using a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite cheat.

We’re not expecting a massive community rally around Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tweaks and hacks, as Niantic the maker of this app and Pokémon Go is suing a group that made this possible. This overview does not use these apps nor attempt any reverse engineering of the code in the game. The same group reportedly had a Potter++ app ready to go, but the team’s website is now dark.

In short, it is not a great idea to fake your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite location, but if you decide to try it, your best bet is on an Android device.

Hack Harry Potter: Wizards Energy

Spell energy is one of the most important resources you’ll use as a wizard, and it’s not exactly easy to stock up on it either since there’s a cap on the amount you can carry.

Essentially, you need spell energy to cast spells. Obvious, right? Every time you confront a Confoundable, you’ll need to use spell energy to trace out those runes and cast that magic.

As a result, you want those casts to be as meaningful as possible. You don’t just get rewarded for tracing accurately, but speed if also a big factor. The game rewards speedy spellcasting, so if you’re comfortable with the pattern, do it fast.

Potions are also important, and can prevent Confoundables from escaping, or make them more likely to submit to your spells, allowing you to save energy. Ultimately, energy conservation can be just as important as collecting energy, especially if you find it awkward to get to Inns or Greenhouses, depending on where you live or your mobility.

Spell energy is like Pokémon GO’s Pokéballs, but at this time, there’s no way to really get spell energy away from marked locations without paying real money, unlike Pokémon GO’s gifts. Hopefully we’ll see a similar mechanic implemented in time.

But that’s not the only use for spell energy…

Spell energy can also be donated to plants at Greenhouses in order to promote the growth of plants, allowing you to collect rarer plant materials.

This is good if you’re aiming to earn something specific, but don’t donate without a plan in mind. Frankly, spell energy can be better used actually casting spells.

This tip is more like a warning. Don’t waste energy on things you’re unsure of.

How to Hack Harry Potter: Wizards Unite GPS Location Without Root

You can fake your GPS location on Android without a root. This doesn’t work with an iPhone, so don’t buy fake GPS apps on the iPhone. For this to work you need a Fake GPS app from the Google Play Store and you need to enable developer mode on your Android phone. Using this method we are currently able to fake our GPS location, but we will have to test with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite when the game fully releases.

The best tips and tricks for Harry Potter Wizards Unite! After reaching Lv16 I feel confident I can give some solid advice on this game and these are a few things I’ve picked up on while playing! Hopefully this will improve your gameplay experience! If there is anything I missed, feel free to let me know in the comment section below! in this video I cover dark detectors, spell energy, potion brewing, master notes, prestiging and much more!

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