Leaked 14 days of fortnite rewards and Challanges – Fortnite 14 Days


However, we now know that the first challenge for the 14 Days of Fortnite event is a simple one, as players just need to hop into the game’s Creative Mode to complete it and unlock their reward.

For completing the challenge, players will earn a special spray, titled the “GG Ornament.” This spray is a play on Fortnite’s classic ‘GG’ spray, which means “Good game,” however it appears in a Christmas bauble to represent the festive season.

14 days of Challenges For Fortnite

To get these cool cosmetics, players must complete several Daily Challenges. This list was revealed by srdabx on Tuesday and has proven to be at least partially incorrect. While some of these challenges will likely be the right ones, be aware that minor details are subject to change.


14 days of Rewards For Fortnite

Courtesy of a recent ItsSilox tweet, here’s a list of the rewards you’ll receive. Get a closer look by clicking on the image below. Some of these were previously featured in Tuesday’s Fortnite leaks roundup.

Day 1 

  • Teams of 33
  • Classic

Day 2 

  • Teams of 33
  • Siphon (Solo): All healing items have been removed in this mode. The only way to gain health or shields is to eliminate your opponents. 

Day 3 

  • Team Terror (50v50): Monsters have invaded the Battle Royale island! Two teams will battle it out as Cube Monsters join the fight. Defeat the other team to earn a Victory Royale.
  • Barebones (Squads): The map, compass, storm timer and many features of the HUD are turned off in this mode. Figuring out who’s friendly during fights and keeping away from the storm is the key to obtaining a Victory Royale.

Day 4 

  • Team Terror (50v50)
  • Icey (solo)

Day 5 

  • Disco Domination (Teams of 32)
  • Sniper Shootout (Duos)

Day 6 

  • Disco Domination (Teams of 32)
  • Close Encounters (Squad)

Day 7 

  • Team Rumble (Teams of 24)
  • Solid Gold (Squads)

Day 8 

  • Team Rumble (Teams of 24)
  • Score Royale (Duos): Collect points to claim Victory Royale in this new Limited Time Mode. Whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins.

Day 9 

  • Food Fight (Teams of 16)
  • Ground Games (Squads): This mode features limits on building materials and ammo, meaning that using natural cover and choosing your shots wisely is needed to secure wins 

Day 10 

  • Food Fight (Teams of 16)
  • Sneaky Silencers (Solo)

Day 11

  • Close Encounters (50v50)
  • Wild West (Squads)

Day 12 

  • Close Encounters (50v50)
  •  Steady Storm (Solo)

Day 13

  • High Explosives 50s (50v50)
  • High Explosives (Squads)

Day 14 

  • High Explosives 50s (50v50)
  • One Shot (Squads): Snipers are the only weapons available in this mode where everyone only has 50 health and bandages are the only healing item.

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