*Cheats* Mutants Genetic Gladiators Hack Credits Cheats 2018


Now available in all devices, our newest mutants genetic gladiator hack is available for everyone. Enjoy the this game with more hack features you could imagine. A lot of players are already getting tired of farming upgrades while others are just purchasing them with no sweat. By using our mutants genetic gladiator hack you can easily defeat your opponents with max upgraded monster.

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Hack Features

Many users already ask how are you making this kind of hacks. It is by Spoofing our modified data and sending them to game servers. Below you can check what features you can use with our mutants Genetic Gladiators Hack.

  • Unlimited credits and gold – These are very important in the game because you will need them to upgrade your evolution center that can raise the mutant’s level, buy and upgrade land expansions.
  • Experience and Campaign hack
  • Unlimited hp hack
  • Available for all devices
  • Supports jailbroken and non jailbreak devices


How to get elite version mutants?

Thanks to gold, silver and bronze you can breed elite version mutants. And to get them you have to follow these basic rules.

  • You need to cross breed 2 level 10 or above creatures to get a bronze mutant.
  • You need to cross breed 2 level 15 or above creatures to get a silver mutant.
  • You need to cross breed 2 level 20 or above creatures to get a gold mutant.

You can buy stars in-game, win on pve or pvp and it is also available when cross breeding a mutants.