Pixel Gun 3d Hack – Free Gems & Coins

The Awaited Pixel Gun 3d Hack have been made by gameboost.org successfully and is ready for use by our fans . As you may know using cheats and hacks can give you a great benifits over others , theres alot of rich kids who spends lots of amounts of real money into game to get advantage and boost the gaming experience and theres others who have no money to spend to these games and gets rekt everytime by big rich spenders , we here as developpers of the new Pixel Gun 3d Hack have come across so many demands to get this game a wonderful hack for everyone to enjoy the maximum in their gaming experience . Pixel Gun 3d is an online FPS shooter multiplayer shooting game based on pixels , everything in this game is pix-elated and this idea is really unique and have not been done by anyone else except by this marvelous game , it has alot of players playing it across the globe and is still in developpement .

About the Game Pixel Gun 3D

pixel gun 3d is an unique made game for players who are boored of the actual shooting FPS games , this game is a real fun to play and is kinda going viral everyday , it has over 10 million downloads in playstore and appstore , the game has excelent graphics and good gameplay , shoot and dominate your enemies in sight and become number one in the most pix-elated game in smartphone devices , you can download the game by searching Pixel Gun 3d in Play-store and App-store . The game is no much different than the actual shooting FPS games , it has almost every weapon you know in the normal FPS games which adds more aspects and excitement into the game .

Pixel Gun 3d Game Play 

Why are you sharing the pixel gun 3d hack to public use ?

I have been searching and looking for a legit pixel gun 3d hack for more than 3 months and i failed miserably , so i decided to make my own bot for pixel gun 3d that works flawlessly without any problems and yes i was successful , so now i don’t want our gameboost.org fans to scramble upon this problem anymore , you’re in the right place in the right time , let’s give you a boost in your pixel gun 3d gaming experience .

How to use the Pixel Gun 3d Hack ?

in order to use the gameboost pixel gun 3d hack , you should know how to use it properly without any problems , so to be successful in adding the gems and coins into your account , you shoud begin with :

1 : enter your username first

2 : choose your platform weather it is android or ios (if you’re on pc or mac you should choose the platform of your pixel gun 3d game)

3 : choose the amount of gems and coins to add in pixel gun 3d (max 100k/day to prevent abuse)


4 : This is the important step , you must verify carfully the anti bot verification , if you’re on mobile download 2 apps and open them for at least 30 sec and if you’re on a pc or mac complete 2 offers , this takes only 3 minutes so do it carfully and enjoy your new experience in pixel gun 3d

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