Fix Bug PUBG Mobile No Weapons And Loot Glitch In Simple Steps

PUBG Mobile No Weapons And Loot Glitch: Fixed

It is also important to note that if this bug is affecting you in the middle of the game that there is currently no way to resolve it when you are playing. This means that players will have to try and secure a delicious chicken dinner with nothing in their inventory or leave the match that they are experiencing the no weapons and loot glitch in and try one of the above troubleshooting techniques.

With the premise of battle royale titles being the collecting of weapons and loot in order to be the last player or team standing, it is hard to think of a more frustrating glitch in this particular genre than the one that many PUBG Mobileplayers are experiencing.

We will update this article with any information that is made available by the developer regarding the status of the PUBG Mobile no weapons or loot glitch when it is first made available.

PUBG Mobile no weapons glitch might not be common, but it is extraordinarily frustrating. Playing PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS without weapons is to be permanently hamstrung, unable to defend oneself or to attack enemies in almost any way.

The bad news about the ​PUBG Mobile no weapons glitch is that it can’t be fixed in the match in which it occurs. Players who experience it will have to ride it out gun-less or quit before the match ends.


A strange PUBG Mobile glitch that is causing no weapons and other loot to spawn has blindsided the battle royale game’s community.

There has been of plenty of changes happening to the Mobile version of battle royale title Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) with a brand new update that will soon be bringing the snow map of Vikendi to the game’s live servers and the appearance of mysterious jingle bell items. However, one major change that some PUBG Mobile players have been experiencing that is not of a positive nature is a no weapons and loot glitch that is causing PUBG Mobile players plenty of headaches.

PUBG Mobile No Weapons

Unfortunately for the PUBG Mobile community, the developer of the popular battle royale title has not yet publicly addressed the no weapons or loot glitch that is causing trouble for some members of the community. With no set method for fixing the problem having yet been revealed yet by the developer, players are left with some old fashioned troubleshooting techniques in order to try and fix the PUBG Mobile no weapons and loot glitch.

If you are experiencing this particular bug, be sure to close the app and restart it in order to see if this technique will resolve the issue. Other methods that can be taken to try and fix the mobile battle royale title’s no weapons and loot glitch is to use the repair button on the title’s login screen, uninstalling and reinstalling the game on your device or restarting your entire device.

PUBG Mobile no Weapons,Loot glitch

It’s hard to know exactly what causes the glitch, and PUBG Mobile developer Tencent hasn’t addressed it specifically, so the best thing to do if experiencing it is to perform standard troubleshooting techniques. Force quit the app entirely and reopen it. If the glitch appears, try restarting the phone itself.

If it still persists, use the repair button on the login screen. Be warned though: That action will reset any custom touch layout put together for the game. As a last ditch effort, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it can solve the problem.

Vikendi ​arrives in PUBG Mobile on Thursday during patch 0.10.0. That patch also added ​mysterious jingle bells that can be exchanged for rewards.

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