Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish: Guide

Looking for the legendary fish in Red Dead Redemption 2? Here are their locations, so you do not waste time looking for them.

In this Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish Guide, we first tell you where the quest begins. This is the starting point to unlock the legendary fish. This is the History mission of Chapter 2 “A fisherman of men” that will allow you to start fishing. Then all the legendary fishing spots of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be unlocked.

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RDR2 Legendary Fish

To start the quest for legendary fish in Red Dead Redemption 2, head to the shore of Flat Iron Lake, where you’ll meet a person called Gill at Gill’s Landing. You can find Gill at the location shown below. Note that you can not capture legendary fish until you go to Gill.

Once you have met Gill and started his quest, he will give you the map of legendary fish. You can see the map below. However this map only gives a rough view of the locations.

RDR2 Legendary Fish: The necessary bait

In all, there are 14 legendary fish. If you manage to catch all of them, you will complete a Red Dead Redemption 2 challenge.

In addition, since legendary fish are heavier, expect more difficult fishing.

In addition, you will need to buy baits from a merchant:

  • special bait for lake
  • as well as a special bait for the river
  • special bait for swamp

Do not expect to catch legendary fish with a traditional bait. Then you have to choose the right bait according to your environment.

RDR2 Legendary Fish: How to fish?

Once you’ve spotted a corner with poiscaille, with swirls on the surface, equip yourself with your fishing rod. Then choose the right type of bait.

Once your bait is launched, it must be brought slowly by turning the right stick clockwise. Wait a bit, and if nothing bites, then try R2 / RT once to attract the fish (Attention: just once).

Once the legendary fish is caught, send it by mail.

RDR2 Legendary Fishes: Fishing Venues

As Gill’s map is not very accurate, below the locations shown more precisely. Before you go to one of these legendary RDR2 fishing spots, make sure you have a good amount of bait on you. To maximize your chances of catching a legendary fish.

  1. Legendary Harlequin Sunfish
  2. Yellow Sturgeon
  3. Bone grouse
  4. Yellow Barbotte
  5. Maskinongé
  6. pole
  7. Legendary rainbow trout
  8. Legendary meshed pike
  9. Legendary red salmon
  10. Legendary smallmouth bass
  11. Legendary Rock Crappie
  12. Legendary Pike of America
  13. Black perch
  14. The 14th fish is not on the map , it is catfish. Once the 13 fish are sent, Gill will send you a letter. Head to Gill’s cabin for the ultimate fishing!

If you have trouble seeing locations, here are some cards with a smaller scale:

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