Subnautica Game Map and locations 2019

Subnautica Game Map

About the map in Subnautica game

You can see that the map image via Google shows you the loot locations for the Subnautica download game. I think it is a good idea. It was from a guide for steam by dep7777777.

So, in this article, you can refer a small guide of how to get your own map like this in your favorite game in an easy way. There is a new blank map created. And you can edit the file locally and add your markers as the game does. It is still under development. Thus, the map often changes the markers from dep777777’s map that they are now out of date.

I also set the image size. You can press F1 and look at the current world. The values x, y, z will translate completely by pixel into the image with 0,0. It is in the center of the map. It indicates the positional numbers along the side and top of the screen. And you can mark the position easily and exactly.

It will be possible for you to create a dynamic online version of the map for players to contribute or share their own markers. Besides, players can have this saved locally or downloaded and saved for use if the Subnautica free game has been still developed to improve.

Install the map

This is the useful guide to install Subnautica free game’s map.

To install the map in Subnautica crack game, you should find out your local Subnautica screenshots folder location. This following example is the place that mine is stored. It is listed below. Yours may be different a little. But it is easy enough for you to find. Everything can become simple from now on.

  • (D:\games\Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\SNAppData\SavedGames\slot0000\screenshots)
  • In case, you saved more than one game, and you are not sure of using them, you’d better move in game and press F1 or whatever that your screenshot button is taking. It’s easy for you to recognize.
  • Next, your screen shot folder will search for the picture you have just taken.
  • Copy the image or download the map from the link below which saving into the folder that your screen shot was found.
  • You can load the game, place the picture frame and set the map as you want.


The image map in the following download link will update anytime you change. The image on the display below will only update on major changes. So, you should use this link rather than the one that make you confused.


You can refer some images of the Subnautica download game’s map.

The Map itself

And after you add the picture frame for it

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