How To Get Sun Stone Pokémon GO – Guide

The Pokémon Go Gen 2 update has, in some ways, changed the rules of the game. Catching Pokémon and conquering gyms occurs pretty much like before, but certainpocket monsters require a special evolution item before they can become stronger.

While you’ll still need to stock up on candies, obtaining Pokémon Gogen 2 special items for evolving, like the Sun Stone, will help you in completing your PokéDex. But how exactly do you get the Sun Stone?

Sun Stone Pokémon Go: How to get the evolutionary stone

The Sun Stone in Pokémon Go Gen 2 can be obtained from a PokéStop. Unfortunately, whether or not a PokéStop actually yields a Sun Stone is totally random. Like the other evolutionary items in Pokémon Go, you’ll need to swipe on every PokéStop you encounter to better your chances of finding a Sun Stone.

The Sun Stone can be used to evolve two Pokémon in the latest update of Pokémon Go. Sunkern, with 50 of its candies, can make use of the Sun Stone to evolve into Sunflora. 

The other is Gloom. By presenting it with 100 Oddish candies and a Sun Stone, Gloom is able to become Bellossom. 

Make sure to check the full list of evolutionary items you can obtain in Pokémon Go. And check back soon for even more Gen 2 tips, tricks and guides.

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With the release of Generation II, we’ve gained access to ultra rare evolution items. With a less than 1% chance to drop, it’s essential to carefully plan usage of these items.

Sun Stone is one of those items, enabling evolution of either Sunflora or Bellossom.

Sunflora in Pokémon GO

Sunflora is a pure GRASS Pokémon, meaning it can stand it’s ground against the common Gym attackers, which are still often WATER Type Pokémon.

In reality, Sunflora is widely considered to be a weaker version of common GRASS / POISON Pokémon like Venusaur. It’s low Max CP makes her a Pokédex novelty and reduces its’ utility in gyms.

SpritePokémonMax CPATKDEFSTA
Sunflora GRASS2048185150148

As far as moves go, Sunflora has the unusual benefit of having access to Solar Beam GRASS which makes her a good prestiger, but her stats still leave a lot to be desired. Always opt for a combination with Razor Leaf GRASS.

Bellossom in Pokémon GO

Bellossom is also a pure GRASS Pokémon, sharing the same Type advantages and disadvantages as Sunflora, but luckily it has better Combat Power and better stat distribution

When we say better, we mean that at least it has one viable role: Gym defense. However, as Sunflora, Bellossom is also not a great in Gym defense or offense. Even more when you consider Bellossom movesets!

SpritePokémonMax CPATKDEFSTA
Bellossom GRASS2108169189150

Bellossom moves are all over the place, with movesets that have Petal Blizzard GRASS as Charge move being viable, everything else is… well, very weak. An interesting combination with Dazzling Gleam FAIRY is possible, however with low CP and ATK stat, it’s rather useless.


Unfortunately, both Sunflora and Bellossom are good only for one thing – Pokédex. One may argue that Sunflora has Solar Beam GRASS which makes her more potent in offense, but is anyone ever actually going to use her in that role?

Take Jolteon in her place rather. In both of their places, for that matter.

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